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High Ticket Coaching

Charging MORE for your services could be the best not only for your business BUT also for the sake of your clients

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Online Fitness Brands

Join the exploding world of fitness centred businesses moving online to create more impact with less risk

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Coaches Creating Impact

Follow a proven step-by-step process to create a FULL-TIME coaching business online in less than 90 days!

Meet Reuben Driedger

Several years ago Reuben found himself a full time Network Marketer, extremely frustrated with being an entrepreneur and in more financial debt every month.  He had hired several coaches, dropping over $10K and yet, he found himself year after year making less and less income.

One day while scrolling through Instagram, Reuben found himself watching a Business Coach teach and train Personal Trainers to sell $1500, 3 month packages to their clients.  His mind quickly calculated how getting only 4 clients at this price monthly would completely rewrite his financial situation. He drained his bank account, borrowed money, hired this coach and within 6 months found himself making a 6 figure income with Personal Training online.

A year later Reuben began to find his inbox full of other PT’s curious and interested in how he had built such a successful following and business in such a short amount of time.  He took on 5 of these other trainers as clients and as he saw them begin to experience financial freedom through online coaching his passion grew to help more and more Personal Trainers make 6 figure incomes.

Today Reuben has helped over 100 coaches move their business’ online.  He lives to teach and train others how to achieve financial freedom from their phones while transforming 100’s of lives themselves.  Book your free Strategy Call with Reuben today!

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See What People Are Saying About Working With Reuben…

One-On-One Attention

I had no idea where to start! Reuben has really helped me with confidence and within the first 5 weeks, I made $4,000. I couldn’t have done it without him. I loved being a part of the group! Thank you, Reuben!

Small changes = $11.5K

Within the first 6-weeks, I had closed 8 clients at 1.5 k. We generated 11.5 k in 6 weeks. THAT IS CRAZY. It was unheard of for me… He put things into perspective that I never thought possible!

My Business Transformed

I reached out to Reuben because I wanted to take my business to another level. I upped my prices and the first two women I spoke with simply said: “where do I sign?!” It has been a night and day difference.

Bartender to Full-Time Online Coach

Reuben is a truly genuine person… In 6 weeks I made $6,500 in sales. I am setting myself up to make 6 figures by next year which was not the case before I started working with Reuben. He really is an awesome coach.

Started From Scratch

I started from scratch… with Reuben’s help, I was able to attract people towards me who were interested in my services. In 3 months I have 6 clients and am well on my way to making this a full-time business.

Do you want a profitable online coaching biz too?

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